Below are some lessons I learned from a simple exchange with the great Mike Tyson 🥊

Within a few minutes of getting the second message from by far the most known individual I’ve been able to share a meaningful exchange with… I vowed to be more consistently positive on both social media and Real World Exchanges with as many people as I cross paths with, even if I initially can’t stand them or myself for a variety of reasons. Barkley always said he didn’t want to be a role model and wore it like a badge of honor. Tyson monologued about white people living their happy little family lives (he jabbed in a comedic sense) as his life had resembled various phases of hell and distress. But I could sense as the journey wore onward he was becoming a bigger than life source of positivity, as Ali and even Malcolm X had also done.

Sure enough, if this personal response didn’t verify it, I don’t know what would.

I scan back to negative judgements I may have made about him or myself. Face tattoo, accusations of rape or spousal abuse, the awesome and tragic ear bite and “shove your nose up into your brain” 🧠 comment. Daughter goes through an insane unlikely tragedy.

Funny how the ruthless judgements, occasional ugliness, and even rage can melt away as the journey towards forgiveness, acceptance, and kindness ensues.

I believe this principal can provide hope and redemption for many.

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