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In our classes, you will feel relaxed, connected, and inspired.

Online English Lessons

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Welcome to Googe.World English Language learning! Schedule your introductory consultation at your convenience. 

We are making English enjoyable by adjusting to the interests and capabilities of each individual student. Our one on one online English classes are the best around. Dynamic conversations, both written and verbal, will make the process natural and engaging.

We believe you can learn from anywhere in the world. Achieve any results you set your mind to. You can get that job you’ve been striving for and your kids can be accepted into the finest schools. Fluent English is often essential to realizing these dreams.

Online English classes will increase your chances of finding jobs around the world.

English Lessons will quickly contribute to your mastery of the English language.

Schedule a Booking now to receive your first class.

Achieve new levels of English proficiency each week.

Your English Course can begin tomorrow or next week, depending on your schedule.

English Lessons will quickly contribute to your mastery of the English language.

Life Skills are enhanced with more capacity to communicate around the world.

Vocabulary will expand with each new lesson.

Grammar should be learned in the context of natural conversation.

Speaking and Reading can both be improved together.

Reading and Writing are two sides of the same coin. Learning one can inspire the other.

English Vocabulary requires practice and memorization.

 You've got many advantages when learning from a native speaker: 

A more natural pronunciation of each word

It will improve your listening ability

You will be quick to detect any grammatical errors

You will be exposed to a greater range of vocabulary and expressions

You will have a better understanding of American and Canadian culture/expressions

English Reading helps the mind and imagination to grow in unexpected ways

We offer flexible hours. You can work with the same teacher over 90% of the time – as consistency is vital. Classes are available for all levels and abilities. You will be more prepared and successful in your journeys throughout the world.

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