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We have many high interest Insurance and Investment options available with our partners Lacapitale, IA, SSQ, and two dozen more that repeatedly outperform your local banks.

Financial Services

Financial Advisor’s Duty to the Client

Most of us advisors have a Fiduciary Duty to client. There should be no conflict of interest. Fees should be largely based on performance. An advisor has a legal obligation of the highest degree to act in the client’s best interest before his own.

Should the client remain dependent on us or should he/she be educated through the process? Ideally the latter. We empower you with our insurance and investment tools as well as with knowledge to think and act for yourself when called upon. 

Making your money work, by the numbers… Interest percentages matter! If inflation is 3% and your bank pays you less, then they are taking your money and reinvesting it – all at your expense. Banks usually represent the unneeded “middle man.” They easily pay you a 3% minimum but usually they don’t. Good investment funds consistently average 6-12%. These global or sector funds are where the rich, informed bankers put their own money. 


“Rule of 72” dictates that it takes 72 years to double money at 1%, 24 years to double at 3%, 12 years to double at 6%, and so on. These are immense and powerful differences that can make you or break you depending on which side of the ledger you’re on. The same $10,000 invested at 3% vs. 12% interest is worth $20,000 vs. $160,000 after 24 years.

If you’re carrying revolving debt with your credit card at “just” 18% interest, your debts are doubling every 4 years as you make minimum payments. You’re providing pure profit for billionaires. This very poor money management can be improved by anyone via consolidation of debts, better loans, or debt relief. Revolving debt indicates overspending and avoidance.

Knowledge is power and we love to share it. Insure your assets and invest with confidence and control. The path to comfort, empowerment, and financial well-being is closer than you think.

Financial knowledge is crucial when making big decisions. Having easy access to the right companies, funds, and financial tools is also vital.

The Canadian Government assists citizens and permanent residents with our Tax-Free Savings Accounts, Registered Education Savings Plans for our children, and many other products. We can help you to multiply these rapidly growing funds much quicker than most bank products. 

How many years sooner will your investments double and quadruple with high quality investment funds? Schedule a meeting and we can show you the estimates. You may be pleasantly surprised.

With regular checkups, we adjust with you as your lives and goals change. Save on fees and gain access to a much wider range of products than your local banks have to offer.

We can give you tips and good advice to fit your financial needs. Manage your portfolio and spending with confidence.

We take the time to listen to your situation, to understand your challenges, give you the best options available. 


Life Insurance


Critical Illness




Health and Dental


Retirement Plans


Children's Plans


RESPs (Education Savings)


TFSAs (Tax Free Savings)


Debt Solutions


Charitable Giving


Estate Planning


Group Benefits


Travel Insurance


Super Visa Insurance


All these and virtually any financial product available in today’s market. Our Brokerage partners with LaCapitale, SSQ, IA, Foresters Financial, Humana, and 18 others.

Schedule a free consultation now and to learn more from the comfort of your own home.

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