Fun iPhone exchange last night… via Ali Baba app.

He sent me a sample of ShilajiT and then we got to talking. It was said that the Chinese New Year 🧧 was coming up soon. This got me envisioning a trip to China.

In thinking of how I could be useful on such a trip, the fingers started dancing on the iPhone. “I can also present to businesses about the similarities of tennis and business success such as “returning to center” “resilience after temporary defeat” and the contrarian logic of (physically, mentally, financially) going back or down so that moving up and forward… Becomes POSSIBLE.”

He asks, “is this a philosophical theory?”

“Yes, philosophy for sure but all made visible and proven when spoken while showing someone how to serve properly or mentally approach their match.”

He types, “theory of connection.”

I continue, enlivened by this topic…

“Ball goes down and back in order to be propelled up forward. Similar to going into temporary debt to get rich sometimes.”

“yes,i understand,Combining Tennis Strategy and Business.”

“Kids, be assured you will lose points in today’s match. How you respond will dictate if you can win the match. Same in marriage and business.”

“How is it useful in personal life?”

“There will be troubles and miscommunications. This is given. How will we continue to respond with maximum love and efficiency to heal and forgive? How will we correct certain behaviours that don’t serve us?”

“I will absorb what you said.”

“Yes, I’m trying too. Easier said than done sometimes. 🙏🏽 “

He quickly expanded on this with,
“Yes, the furthest distance in the world is: saying it and doing it.” God. That chasm and the pain it causes.

He then types one of the more profound seven letter sentences that you’ll find.

“So we are.” There is a calm and forgiveness in those letters for our frailties and shortcomings. May they launch us into new orbits together.

I had no choice but to go straight emoji in this new dawning battle of peaceful brevity.

I say, “🎭” with respect to comedy and tragedy within humanity.

“I have learnt a lot from you,” he kindly shares.

More looking forward than back, but also thinking of my Chinese Canadian clients in Calgary, I say, “I learn a lot from Chinese clients and partners. Special ancient cultures with long traditions 💫”

In agreement or possible respect to Kanye’s long lost brother he closes with…


This man who I’ve never met became my muse for an hour, giving me the honour and credibility to dive into thoughts that have spun through my mind while on the tennis court on so many days.

Let’s not forget how we can all inspire each other, on and off the court.

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