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Tennis Drills Kids Will Cherish Forever : Know it with Googe world

Tennis is an undoubtedly cherished game that promotes discipline, good health, and enjoyment for players of all ages. Even children who are introduced to the sport end up loving it because of the tennis drills associated with it. This is why Googe world offers professional tennis lessons through their institute. 

Here are some of the most popular drills that kids enjoy playing in tennis.

Fun Tennis Drills for Kids That They’ll Remember Forever


Tennis baseball is an enduring tennis drill that has stood the test of time due to its incredible entertainment value. Even teenagers and adults enjoy playing this game because of its inherent fun factor. The game involves splitting the team into two groups: the catchers and the hitters. The hitters are lined up and tasked with hitting the ball, which is fed to them, using strokes from the baseline. This drill is especially loved by kids because they enjoy the challenge of hitting the ball every time. If time allows, the player can progress to first base, located at the server’s corner, then to second base at the center of the net, and, if possible, to third base at the corner of the service line. To prevent confusion among children regarding the bases, you can use color markers. When the hitters miss three consecutive hits, the two groups switch roles, and the game starts anew.


This particular tennis drill is a favorite among kids as it helps them develop their ability to control both the ball and the racket. To play this game, the team is split into two groups, and each group is given the freedom to choose which side of the court they wish to occupy. The entire court is then utilized, and the ball is fed to one side. The players must pass or hit the ball over the net, and if the ball falls or rolls, points are awarded to the opposing team. This drill is an effective way to teach kids how to improve their ball and racket control skills.


Knockout is a straightforward tennis drill that kids enjoy tennis exercises. To play this game, the kids must line up in the service area, and each player is fed a ball which they must hit. If a player misses the ball twice in a row or hits the net, they are eliminated from the game and must proceed to the other side of the court to collect the balls. This drill is an excellent way to improve a player’s consistency and accuracy, as they must strive to hit the ball correctly every time to avoid being knocked out


Golden gate is a tennis drill that is slightly challenging for kids, but it is still a lot of fun to play. Tennis drills incorporate the use of props such as cones or tubes, which the kids can play with. To begin, set up two tubes one foot behind the baseline, through which the kids must run after hitting two volleys. Then, gently throw them some balls, and those who are hit before running through the gate will receive a point. The objective of the game is to accumulate the least number of points to win.

While these drills are popular among kids, there are many more tennis drills out there for them to try. By participating in these drills, kids can improve their game and learn to appreciate the sport even more as they grow. However, for most tennis coaches starting out their careers, teaching private lessons is often the norm. These coaches may struggle to find new and exciting tennis drills to use with their students, as repeating the same drills can bore and discourage their players. 

Therefore, tennis pros must continually seek out new and innovative tennis exercises to strengthen their skills. Here are some more examples of high-quality tennis drills.

  • Deep Shot Warm-Up 

This drill involves the player and instructor starting at opposite baselines. The player’s objective is to hit every ball between the service line and the baseline, while the instructor keeps the ball in play by hitting it back. The drill continues until the player reaches a score of 30 points. For more experienced players, the instructor may place a line of balls midway between their service line and baseline, and the player must hit all balls behind this line. This tennis drill is an excellent warm-up exercise, as its name suggests.

  • Defense Drill 

The following tennis drill is known as the “Defense Drill.” The instructor starts at the deuce side baseline, while the player stands in the middle of the baseline. The two engage in a rally, during which the instructor may hit the ball anywhere they choose, while the player can only hit it back to the deuce side of the court. The instructor aims to provide the player with a variety of shots and make them run as much as possible. The player must retrieve every ball and return it to the deuce side of the court. Once the player has returned 10 balls consecutively, the drill is repeated on the ad side. During this drill, the player is free to hit volleys wherever they choose. This tennis drill is an excellent exercise for improving footwork and consistency.

  • Short Ball Drill 

The Short Ball Drill begins with the instructor and player positioned at the deuce side baseline, rallying back and forth. While the instructor can hit the ball anywhere, the player is restricted to hitting it back to the instructor on the deuce side. At a random point during the rally, the instructor will hit a short ball and shout “short”. The player can then hit the ball wherever they wish and move towards the net to play out the point against the instructor. The drill continues until the player scores five points, and then the instructor switches to the ad side and the process is repeated. For advanced players, they are required to hit the approach shot down the line. This tennis drill is excellent for developing the approach shot skills.

To conclude 

Hopefully, the aforementioned suggestions were informative. These are just a handful of examples of exceptional private tennis drills that can be utilized. It’s important to keep the lessons engaging for the students, which is why it’s always beneficial to introduce new drills. As a result, coaches of Googe world are constantly searching for novel tennis exercises to enhance their students’ abilities. Don’t hesitate to contact them to discover more drills and advance your tennis skills.