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The Most Effective Way to Learn

by Shane Gerzon

Learning a new language in a quality online one-on-one class may be the best place on earth to expand the mind and vocabulary. The typical group classroom setting isn’t always a good fit for each individual. The adventure through a foreign country is a great learning experience. But sometimes the words are coming so fast and furious that the brain is overwhelmed and shuts down. 

In our classes, we’re constantly adjusting to the interests and capabilities of each student. Sometimes we’re moving fast and energetic, other times “slow and steady wins the race.” We need to be comfortable and to enjoy the process. I don’t want learning to feel laborious for anyone.

I’ve never been too fond of anything that feels like boring and tedious work. I prefer a class that resembles a fun game or sport, with a clear mission or a scoreboard. I recall some of the stories I exchanged with a business client from the Middle East last summer. The details of his experiences are clear in my mind, as the new English vocabulary is now crystalized in his mind, because we both knew how to tell a good story.

We’re now exchanging stories in both verbal and written form. Our fingers fly across the keyboard to communicate on “chat.” It’s important to SEE the words, not just HEAR them. When he asked about a word’s meaning or struggled to choose the right one, I simply filled in his blank by typing it on the screen. 

Our clients are learning effortlessly. There is a ready-made personalized transcript to study once each class is completed. Students learn how to put together each sentence within the context of their own life experiences. This helps them to remember with much better accuracy. Learning fluent English is often a natural byproduct of a more meaningful exchange. 

Openness. Energy. Curiosity. Focus. As you prepare for class, these are some of the qualities you should bring. If you’re preparing your child, let them know of these simple expectations. Also give them the opportunity for physical exercise just prior to class. Every fifteen minutes, we’ll take a one minute break to move and refocus that remarkable youthful energy.

Welcome to class. Now let’s get started!

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